The Future of Business Security: Trends in Access Control Technology

Explore the future of business security with our latest article on trends in access control technology, including insights on mobile-based solutions, AI, and integration of OpenPath with Avigilon Alta for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Top 10 VOIP Features That Can Transform Your Business Communications

Explore the top 10 VOIP features with 3CX that can revolutionize your business communications, enhancing efficiency and connectivity. Read more!

Securing Your Premises: The Critical Role of Professional Security Gate Installation and Maintenance

The proper installation and maintenance of your security gates is essential for guaranteeing durability, dependability, and safety.

Cybersecurity Essentials: Comprehensive IT Security Review

As we’ve journeyed together through our comprehensive cybersecurity checklist series, we’ve been overwhelmed by your engagement and feedback. Now, it’s time to introduce the final piece of this crucial puzzle – our comprehensive Security Measures Checklist. 

This pivotal guide is crafted to fortify your organization’s defenses against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. We’ve included critical strategies for insider threat detection, endpoint security, and effective data loss prevention. This all-encompassing checklist is designed to prepare you for any cybersecurity challenge, ensuring your digital assets are well-protected with cloud security reviews and up-to-date security documentation.

As we wrap up this informative series, we invite you to download and implement this essential checklist, marking a significant step towards a more secure digital environment. Our team is committed to your business’s safety and success. Reach out to us for customized solutions that ensure your organization’s security and growth in the digital age.

Download the Comprehensive IT Security Review Checklist Here

Optimizing Your Communications: A Guide to VoIP System Maintenance

Now is the perfect time to ensure your VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems are operating at their best. This is crucial not just for maintaining high-quality communication but also for ensuring the efficiency and security of your business operations. Our detailed Hosted VoIP System Maintenance Checklist is designed to guide you through the essential steps to optimize your VoIP systems.

System updates and security maintenance form the backbone of a robust VoIP infrastructure. Our checklist emphasizes the importance of regular software updates and patch management to protect against vulnerabilities. Additionally, conducting voice traffic analysis and periodic security audits helps optimize your system’s performance while safeguarding it against potential threats. But it’s not just about the technical aspects; disaster recovery planning and user training are equally important. Ensuring your team is well-versed in using VoIP features effectively and having a solid backup plan in place are vital for uninterrupted communication, even during unforeseen disruptions.

A well-maintained VoIP system is a cornerstone of successful business communication. We encourage you to not only use this checklist but also reach out to Conquest Solutions for all your VoIP needs. Whether it’s implementing these maintenance steps, enhancing your current VoIP system, or exploring new VoIP solutions, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to ensure your business communication is clear, secure, and efficient as we begin the new year.

Download our VoIP System Maintenance Checklist Here

Elevate Your Security: Mastering Camera System Maintenance for the New Year

It’s time to focus on an often-overlooked aspect of business security – camera system maintenance. Ensuring that your surveillance equipment is in top condition is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of your premises. 

The ‘End of Year Camera System Maintenance Checklist’ is an invaluable resource, designed to guide you through a comprehensive review of your camera systems. From testing camera functionality, including clarity and night vision, to checking physical conditions like corrosion and wear, this checklist helps you ensure every camera in your network is capturing clear, unobstructed footage.

The effectiveness of a camera system doesn’t end with the camera itself. Recording and playback capabilities are equally essential. This checklist emphasizes the importance of verifying that your footage is being recorded correctly and that the retention period aligns with your company’s requirements. 

Network stability is another critical aspect covered, ensuring smooth video streaming and effective bandwidth management. By following these steps, you can avoid common pitfalls that can compromise the quality and reliability of your surveillance system.

Remember, a well-maintained camera system is a cornerstone of your business’s security strategy. If you need expert assistance in optimizing your camera systems or have any questions about security solutions, don’t hesitate to contact Conquest Solutions. We’re here to help you step into the new year with a secure and efficient surveillance system.

Download the Camera System Maintenance Checklist here!

Master Your Access Control with Our End-of-Year Checklist

Series Part 3 of 5

In this third installment of our five-part series on end-of-year IT checklists, we delve into the essential steps for maintaining your access control systems. These steps are designed to ensure that every component, from user access rights to power supplies, functions optimally and securely.

Our comprehensive checklist covers a range of crucial areas.  Each step is crafted to fortify your access control system against potential security breaches and to maintain its integrity for the upcoming year.

Staying ahead in security means continuously integrating innovative technologies into your access control systems. Whether it’s upgrading to the latest biometric scanners, implementing advanced remote access tools, or integrating smarter, AI-driven security protocols, enhancing your access control infrastructure is key to maintaining a robust defense against emerging threats.

Download our comprehensive End of Year Access Control System Maintenance Checklist by clicking here

The Essential End-of-Year IT Infrastructure Checklist

Securing the Future:
END of YEAR –  IT Infrastructure Checklist for 2024

Series Part 2 of 5

As we approach the end of another year, businesses must reflect on their IT infrastructure. With cyber threats evolving and technology advancing rapidly, an end-of-year review is more than a routine checkup; it’s a strategic move to secure your digital future. As IT experts, Conquest Solutions understands the complexities and necessities of modern IT infrastructures. Let’s dive into some key aspects and common questions to ensure your business is well-prepared for 2024.

Understanding IT Infrastructure Levels and Types

Before we delve into our checklist, it’s essential to understand the structure of IT infrastructure. Generally, IT infrastructure can be divided into three levels:

  • Hardware: This includes physical components like servers, computers, routers, switches, and data centers.
  • Software: This encompasses applications and operating systems that drive your business processes.
  • Network: It refers to the connectivity aspects that enable communication and data exchange.

The core concept of IT infrastructure revolves around supporting and managing the business’s technology capabilities to enhance efficiency, productivity, and security.

As part of our series on IT and cybersecurity checklists, here’s what you need to focus on for an end-of-year IT Infrastructure review:

Download the Checklist

The Essential End-of-Year Cybersecurity Checklist

Secure Your Business:
The Essential End-of-Year Cybersecurity Checklist

Series Part 1 of 5

As 2023 draws to a close, businesses are not only looking forward to new opportunities but also facing the challenge of tightening their defenses against growing cybersecurity threats. In this ever-evolving digital landscape, an end-of-year IT checklist becomes an essential tool in safeguarding your business.

What is a Cybersecurity Checklist?

A cybersecurity checklist is a comprehensive list of tasks and protocols designed to enhance your organization’s digital security. This list serves as a guide to assess, manage, and mitigate risks associated with cyber threats. It’s a roadmap for ensuring that all aspects of your IT security are up-to-date and effective.

Why Cybersecurity is Important for Business?

Cybersecurity is more critical than ever. With the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks and the rise of remote work environments, vulnerabilities have amplified. Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT concern but a business imperative. It’s about protecting not just your data but also your brand reputation, customer trust, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Statistics for Small Business Cybersecurity 

Recent statistics reveal a concerning trend for small businesses. In 2023, over 60% of cyber-attacks targeted small to medium-sized businesses, primarily because they often lack the robust cybersecurity measures of larger corporations. The average cost of a data breach for small businesses now exceeds $150,000, a significant hit that can cripple operations.

Biggest Business Threats in 2023

The biggest threats businesses faced in 2023 included ransomware attacks, where hackers lock access to data until a ransom is paid, phishing scams, and internal threats, often due to inadequate employee training or malicious insider activities. Additionally, the rise in Internet of Things (IoT) devices has opened new avenues for cyber-attacks.

What Should Businesses Stop Doing in 2024?

Businesses should stop underestimating the sophistication of cybercriminals. Overlooking regular software updates, using outdated cybersecurity strategies, and neglecting employee cybersecurity training are practices that must be abandoned. In 2024, complacency can be costly.

Download the Checklist

Ensuring E911 Compliance: A Guide for Our Valued Clients

Dear Clients:

As your trusted telecommunications provider, our priority is to keep you informed of industry regulations and updates.  Today, I would like to share information about the Enhanced 911 (E911) compliance regulations.  E911 is an advanced emergency calling service designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of 911 calls, enabling faster and more accurate responses from emergency services.


E911 compliance is mandatory in the United States.  E911 requirements and compliance regulations apply to various types of communication services, such as landlines, VoIP, and mobile services, as well as Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) used by businesses and other organizations.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enforces regulations that mandate the implementation of E911 services by telephone carriers and service providers.  E911 works by combining traditional emergency calling features with advanced location-based information, making it easier for emergency responders to locate callers in need.


The primary concerns in E911 regulations is: providing accurate location information (dispatchable location), a valid callback number, enabling direct 911 calling (no prefix or area code), and an on-site notification sent to a central location.


To comply with E911 guidelines, it is crucial to ensure that your current address and phone numbers are up-to-date and accurately reflected in our database. Inaccurate or outdated information can result in delayed emergency response times, putting your safety and well-being at risk.


In addition to updating your information, it’s also important to understand how an E911 call works. When you dial 911, your call is routed to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that covers your geographic location. The PSAP then utilizes information provided by your carrier (Conquest) to locate you and dispatch first responders as quickly as possible.


We encourage you to take a moment to review your contact information and ensure that it is current and accurate.  Conquest does regularly audit this information in our database, however, if you have recently changed phone numbers, moved to a new address, changed your name, etc. please contact us ASAP.   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.  Email: or 770-953-2500

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.