Access Control for Atlanta

Transform your security system with effective access control in Atlanta.

Secure Your Property With Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions

Given the number of security threats that businesses face in today’s world, controlling access to your building or facility is a serious concern. At Conquest Solutions, we address this concern by delivering cutting-edge, cloud-based access control solutions. Our flexible and scalable systems enhance your business security, allowing you to confidently monitor and regulate the movement within your facility and maintain a safe, secure environment.

Leverage Industry Leading Access Control Tools

We’re proud to offer Avigilon Alta and Avigilon Unity (formerly known as OpenPath Access Control) as part of our industry-leading access control solutions. These cloud-based and on-premise tools empower your Atlanta business with robust security features, ensuring you have effective control over access points.

Establish a Multi-Layer Security Solution

At Conquest Solutions, we go beyond delivering basic access control for Atlanta businesses by seamlessly integrating your system with other security solutions. By combining elements like lobby and guest management software with our access control systems, we establish a multi-layered security approach that ensures a secure and streamlined visitor experience for your Atlanta business.

Get Robust Access Control for Your Atlanta Business

Our goal is to help you elevate your security measures, control building access, and ensure the safety of your premises. Connect with our experts today and secure your property with confidence.

Partner With a Dependable Access Control Manager for Streamlined Support and Management

At Conquest Solutions, we handle the procurement, installation, and management of all your access control devices, including:

  • Key fobs
  • Keycards
  • Transponders
  • Clickers
  • Mag locks
  • Controllers and relays
  • Power supplies
  • Nema boxes and enclosures
  • Other door hardware

Go Beyond Access Control With a Fully Managed Security Solution

We strive to be an extension of your security team. Our managed security services manage all of your security devices, ensuring their health and functionality so you can maintain peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Access Control in Atlanta

Access control systems vary, including traditional key card systems, biometric readers, and cloud-based solutions. Conquest Solutions offers a range of cutting-edge access control options to suit your specific security needs.

Cloud-based access control relies on internet connectivity to manage and monitor access remotely. Conquest Solutions integrates advanced cloud-based solutions, ensuring flexibility, scalability, and real-time control for your business.

Access control systems can manage visitor permissions, track entry, and enhance overall visitor security. Conquest Solutions integrates access control with visitor management solutions for a secure and streamlined visitor experience.

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