Commercial Security Cameras and Surveillance

Transform your surveillance with effective commercial security cameras.

Survey Your Perimeter With Industry-Leading Commercial Property Security Cameras

Discover unparalleled security with Conquest Solutions’ advanced commercial security cameras. Our cutting-edge systems offer high-resolution imaging, adaptive low-light performance, and seamless integration with existing security infrastructure. Secure your premises with ease through our user-friendly online order form, allowing you to customize your physical credentials effortlessly. Specify credential type, quantity, starting sequence number, and facility code, ensuring a tailored security solution.

As a trusted IT consulting company, we transcend traditional security by safeguarding not only hardware but also your network, servers, and personnel. Experience a holistic approach to security with Conquest Solutions, where IT expertise meets state-of-the-art surveillance for comprehensive protection.

Get Reliable Commercial Security Cameras for Your Business

Our goal is to help you elevate your surveillance measures. Connect with our experts today to secure industry-leading commercial security cameras.

Utilize Industry-Leading Office Building Video Surveillance

Elevate security standards with Conquest Solutions, harnessing industry-leading office building video surveillance. Our partnerships with Avigilon Alta (cloud) and Unity (on-prem) ensure top-tier consulting, planning, procurement, installation, management, and support.

  • The Latest and Most Advanced VMS Software

    Our software comes with features essential to today’s security environment, such as self-learning video analytics, appearance search, and unusual motion detection.

  • Integrate Different Layers of Security:

    Conquest Solutions employs a layered security approach, seamlessly integrating various security layers to ensure a cohesive and effective system.

  • Video and Access Control Integration

    Seamless integration between your video management and access control software enables them to work together to receive and act on access door control events.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Camera Systems

When selecting a commercial camera system, prioritize resolution for clear images and assess low-light performance. Consider an appropriate field of view (FOV) and ensure scalability for future growth. Check for integration capabilities with existing security systems.

Yes, legal responsibilities accompany deploying commercial camera systems. Adhere to privacy laws, obtain required consent, and display surveillance signs. Be mindful of data storage regulations and regularly review and delete unnecessary footage.

Ensure cybersecurity by regularly updating camera firmware, keeping the system on a secure network with strong passwords. Opt for systems supporting encryption for data in transit and at rest. Conduct frequent security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities, maintaining a robust security posture.

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