Why You Need Network Security Management

Why You Need Network Security Management

What is Network Security Management?

Worldwide, there are approximately 43 billion devices connected to the Internet, predicted to grow to 75 billion by 2025.   The average number of devices and connections per person worldwide is 3.6.  Connected devices will be 3x the global population by the end of 2023 (Cisco’s VNI).   As we get closer to complete digitalization of our daily routines, and as people use the Internet more, hackers and attackers grow more active and our network infrastructure becomes more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Network security is the act of safeguarding the security of a computer network and the data contained inside it, referring to the set of practices, processes, and technology that you implement to protect your IT infrastructure from threats.

As networks get increasingly complicated and businesses become more dependent on their networks and data to conduct everyday business, security becomes more and more vital.  If you think of your business as a castle, the network’s security role is to protect everything within the castle walls.  That includes, data, devices and other hardware (cameras, access control, etc), operating systems, software etc.

Why is Network Security Important?

Essentially, network security requires the execution of two important tasks:  (1) protect information from unwanted access and (2) secure the data stored on end-points/devices, such as PC’s, laptops, servers for both individuals and for shared or public domain networks.

Strong network security management policies and processes, contribute to the following information security:

  • Keeps data safe from unauthorized access;
  • Protects data against unauthorized changes;
  • Prevents certain network users from sending any mail or message in a way that looks to the recipient that it was sent from a third party;
  • Protects hardware from malware and viruses, which might affect the system by corrupting or erasing all of the data contained on it;
  • Protects computers from malicious software;
  • Protects systems from worms, Trojan horses and other threats that might damage it.

Benefits of Network Security Management!

Network security management is important for any business, large or small, as it helps to protect the data and resources necessary for its operations.  By having a well-managed security system in place, companies can enjoy increased date protection, improved network performance and a reduced risk of cyber attacks.  With increased data protection, businesses can rest assured that their data is secure from unauthorized access, as well as any potential threats such as viruses, malware and other malicious software.  In addition, by improving network performance, businesses can ensure that they remain up-to-date with the latest technology and can maximize the efficiency of their operations.  Finally, by reducing the risk of cyber attacks, businesses can protect their networks and resources.  All of these benefits are essential for a business to remain competitive and successful in today’s digital world.

Working with a Managed Services Provider

Working with a managed services provider like Conquest Solutions on network security management is a great way to ensure that your network is secure and protected from cyber threats.  Conquest Solutions can provide a range of services, such as monitoring and managing firewalls, antivirus software, and other security measures. We can also provide advice and guidance on best practices for keeping your network secure, strategies for risk assessment, security policies and security monitoring.  Additionally, we can help you identify and address any potential vulnerabilities in your network and provide regular reports on the status of your security and help protect your company from costly damages due to malicious attacks or data breaches which can be detrimental to a business’s reputation.

The importance of network security management to businesses cannot be overstated.  It is critical for organizations to have a comprehensive security strategy in place to protect their networks and data.   Organizations must take the necessary steps to ensure that their networks are secure and that they are able to detect and respond to any potential threats quickly and effectively.  In today’s digital age, network security management is essential for any business that wants to remain competitive.

Let Conquest Solutions provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your network security needs today!