The Essential End-of-Year IT Infrastructure Checklist

The Essential End-of-Year IT Infrastructure Checklist

Securing the Future:
END of YEAR –  IT Infrastructure Checklist for 2024

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As we approach the end of another year, businesses must reflect on their IT infrastructure. With cyber threats evolving and technology advancing rapidly, an end-of-year review is more than a routine checkup; it’s a strategic move to secure your digital future. As IT experts, Conquest Solutions understands the complexities and necessities of modern IT infrastructures. Let’s dive into some key aspects and common questions to ensure your business is well-prepared for 2024.

Understanding IT Infrastructure Levels and Types

Before we delve into our checklist, it’s essential to understand the structure of IT infrastructure. Generally, IT infrastructure can be divided into three levels:

  • Hardware: This includes physical components like servers, computers, routers, switches, and data centers.
  • Software: This encompasses applications and operating systems that drive your business processes.
  • Network: It refers to the connectivity aspects that enable communication and data exchange.

The core concept of IT infrastructure revolves around supporting and managing the business’s technology capabilities to enhance efficiency, productivity, and security.

As part of our series on IT and cybersecurity checklists, here’s what you need to focus on for an end-of-year IT Infrastructure review:

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