Amazon Key For Business

Amazon Key for Business is a smart way for residential buildings and gated communities to receive deliveries.

Key for Business connects with a smart fob to let building owners and managers give controlled access to delivery drivers.

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Amazon Key for Business Installer

Servicing all of Georgia but nationwide is available as well upon request

Conquest Solutions has proudly partnered with Amazon Key for Business. Key for Business is a more convenient, efficient way for multi-family buildings and gated residential communities to receive Amazon deliveries. It eliminates the need for building managers to provide driver entry and receive Amazon packages.


How it Works

Amazon installs a smart device that seamlessly integrates your building or communities existing access system with the Amazon delivery app. Once installed, Amazon delivery drivers press the Key for Business access button on their delivery app to gain authorized, time-limited building entry, and deliver packages to your desired location using step-by-step instructions and photos.

What to expect on delivery day

Amazon drivers request building access through the Amazon delivery app.

Amazon confirms the driver’s ID, route, location, and time of the request.

Once verified, the driver receives time-limited access to the building.

The driver delivers packages to your desired location and exits the building.

Benefits of Key for Business

Key for Business is an easier, more efficient way for multi-unit buildings and gated communities to receive Amazon packages

  • Streamlined delivery – Amazon drivers get one-time building access, via the Amazon cloud, and deliver packages without the need to be buzzed in. Building staff spends less time managing deliveries and more time keeping residents happy.
  • Smart and secure – Multi-factor authentication via the Amazon cloud ensures delivery drivers are verified in real time and can only access buildings when delivering Amazon packages.
  • More control – You can manage and track driver access to buildings and communities, set delivery windows, and grant access at select entry points via your existing access control system.
  • Free of charge – The Key for Business device integrates seamlessly with your existing access system. Plus, the device, installation, and maintenance are provided free of charge.

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